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The home season has finally come to an end and the work begins on returning the green to its former glory. The necessity to follow Co-Vid 19 regulations at the clubhouse is no longer relevent, unless, of course, you are one of the few that are working on the green.

After a short break, the winter indoor season will hopefully resume and any people using the facility will, no doubt, need to take heed of the new, but similar, Co-Vid guidelins.

As soon as we are made aware of the playing conditions we will display that information here and we are sure the information will be sent in one format or another to all members.

Happy bowling




Based on the roadmap Welsh Government have detailed and the announcement they made on 31st July, indoor facilities, including bowls clubs can reopen from 10th August. This was on the basis that the containment and reduction of COVID-19 cases remained under control.

Any form of return to play will be subject to social-distancing and clubs must be confident they can implement appropriate safety measures and risk assessments. This is to ensure that they can comply and protect their staff, volunteers and members.
This guidance supplements the Welsh Government guidance and directives by covering situations specific to the sport of bowls. It is a live document and will be updated as Welsh Government advice changes.

BowlsWales and the National Governing Bodies are seeking to support those clubs that wish to reopen and members who would like to play, and to do so safely in accordance with the guidance set out by the Welsh Government.

This guidance is not a 'one size fits all' approach. Any guidance or recommendations made in this document will vary depending on each club. However, the responsibility for the reopening of bowling facilities rests solely with each club and this advice and guidance seeks to guide and support clubs through this process.
We appreciate bowling facilities vary across Wales and as such individual clubs should risk assess appropriately to ensure these procedures can be implemented. Key elements are needed to be considered and assessed to ensure the safety of the clubs and its members.
We have provided an example template risk assessment on the following link

Clubs can decide individually whether they wish to reopen having considered the Welsh Government advice and the risk assessment of their facilities.
This guidance document contains the following Sections which will vary depending on each code of the game:

1. Clubs - Summary of Recommended Action
2. Players - Summary of Recommended Action
3. Frequently Asked Questions
4. Additional Information

If you have any questions, please e-mail: We are here to help, and we will endeavour to respond within three working days.

We hope you all stay both safe and healthy and that we can overcome these challenging times by supporting each other where we can. The coming weeks and months may also provide an opportunity for you to encourage members of your own household, who currently don't play, to give bowls a try - clubs are reminded to ensure that any activity by non-members is in accordance with their insurers.

Meanwhile, keep safe, take care, look after yourself and, when you do return to the green, enjoy your bowls.

The BowlsWales Team


1. Clubs - Summary of Recommended Action

BowlsWales recommends that all clubs follow the advisory guidance below (the guidance may be adapted if necessary, for your club, so long as it remains consistent with Welsh Government regulations and social distancing requirements):

Play arrangements

Clubs will need to use an off-site booking system (i.e. Google Calendar)

Minimum of 20 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive/depart safely

Clubs to communicate in advance with players to advise on social distancing requirements that are being applied on arrival at the club - for example not leaving cars until a certain time before their allocated time slot

Depending on Clubs safety and risk assessment measures, the number of players and rinks to be played at any one time is to follow the current Welsh Government regulations and social distancing measures

Number of people allowed on each rink is governed by current Welsh Government legislation and restrictions on adhering to social distancing

The number of rinks in use at any one time is governed by current Welsh Government legislation and restrictions on adhering to social distancing

Capping the number of occasions, a player can book a rink each week to ensure that the available capacity is distributed fairly

Test, Trace & Protect - Designated member or officer of clubs should collect information on participants and/or staff during training, competitions and use of the facility. This enables the clubs to track who is using the facilities if they show symptoms following the activity. You should hold records for 21 days from the date of each separate visit that a staff member, customer or visitor made. Clubs can find COVID-19 officer role description and COVID-19 Club Checklist support here -

Clubs must ensure they follow Welsh Government Test, Trace , Protect guidance, link here -

Clubs must ensure their facility accommodates the Welsh Government guidelines and regulations. Hand sanitiser/cleaning stations to ensure cleanliness and provide well ventilated space with fresh air.

Playing Formats

The following playing formats are in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines and are recommended by Bowls Wales and the National Governing Bodies:

The key areas to factor in are :-

Social distancing must be maintained

Implementation of robust hygiene procedures for all equipment used and players personal care.
To ensure that social distancing is complied with it is advised that you use alternate rinks for play as follows:-

3 Rink Stadiums: Use rinks 1 & 3
4 Rink Stadiums: Use either rinks 1 & 3 rinks 2 & 4 or rinks 1 & 4
6 Rink Stadiums: Use ether rinks 1,3 & 5 or rinks 2, 4 & 6
8 Rink Stadiums: Use either rinks 1,3,5 & 7 or rinks 2,4,6 & 8.

You could consider reducing the width of your rinks to allow more space for Social Distancing and people waking up and down the rink.

The maximum number of people allowed in the green area at any one time is capped by Welsh Government to 30. It is recommended that stadiums with 3 or 4 rinks reduce this to a maximum of 16 players.

Singles Play
With the dimensions of the rink and how the game is played this is the safest format to be played as distance between players can be easily maintained, across all rinks.

Pairs Play
Again, the dimensions of the rink will allow 2 players at each end to have ample space between each other and those players on adjoining rinks.

Triples & Fours Play
To enable Triples and Fours play to be played more safely, Clubs could consider a policy of moving the "T" to 3 or 4 metres from the ditch, this will create more space for players behind the mat and behind the jack.

If you can ensure that 6 players can maintain social distancing at each end of the rink then a standard game can take place.
For those Clubs who do not have a stand off area at the end of the rink they MUST move the "T" to 4 metres from the ditch.

Clubhouse and Facilities

Entrance & Exit - To ensure safety of members when entering and exit for the start of new sessions, use one door for entry and another for exit. If this is not possible, ensure there is markers outside and inside to inform members to maintain social distance

Members or participants are discouraged from congregating once session has finished

Club to ensure there is appropriate time slots between sessions to avoid members entering and exiting at the same time.

Ensure that there is appropriate signage on display for members for to enforce guidelines and inform members not to enter if they appear to show any symptoms.

Ensure there is appropriate signage to mark how the members can enter and exit the green safely.

Changing facilities are to remain closed and appropriate signage to members to show no access.

Members to come dressed ready to play with their bowls and shoes in a bag which they change into at the rink side.

Toilets can be used but ensure that there is an appropriate system of one in one out, maintaining social distancing at all times.

Regular cleaning of the toilets should be undertaken and signage for to encourage hand hygiene

Bar and Restaurant area is permitted to open to members providing the COVID-19 guidelines are followed, find support here -

Checklist and guidelines on bar and restaurant use can be found here on Clubhouse guidance -

Club to ensure that social distancing is followed and a risk assessment to mitigate the risk of transmission within the bar area must be completed

Club to provide hand hygiene stations at the entrance, exit and around the building.

If club cannot provide hand hygiene station, members are informed to brig their own hand sanitiser

Club to enforce a cleaning schedule of the facility pre and post opening, including throughout the use of the facility.


The guidance from the Government is that ventilation is an important part of mitigating against the transmission of COVID-19. Ventilation into the building should ensure a fresh air supply is provided to all areas of use. You can do this by ensuring that windows and doors where appropriate are kept open.

Equipment (This will vary according to the code of the game)

To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items (as below) should be utilised during any session and where possible use your own equipment from home:




Rink Markers

Gloves (if preferred)

Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required)

Bowling arm/lifter (for use by one person only if required)

Visually Impaired players using "strings" on the rink for play require to use sanitising wipes at the completion of each end

Bowling aids (for players with a disability if required)

All equipment should be cleaned and sanitised before and after use.

If scoring:

Social distancing rules must always be strictly adhered to at all times

Do not touch your opponents' bowls with your hands

Avoid measuring for shot/s

2. Players - Summary of Recommended Actions

BowlsWales recommends that all players follow the guidance below (the guidance may be adapted if necessary, to meet individual needs, so long as it remains compliant with Welsh Government advice and social distancing requirements):

In advance

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, a cough, or a high temperature. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups

All players, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in
sport if they, or someone they live with, is symptomatic - or suspects they may have been exposed to the virus. They should immediately self-isolate. See Welsh Government guidelines here -

Dress appropriately before you get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes - change shoes immediately before and after your game

Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household only - do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allocated booking time.

Personal care

Clean anything you have touched after use

Take any food or drink you might need with you and take any rubbish home to be suitably disposed

Wash or sanitise your hands and sanitise any equipment (including bowls, jacks and mats) you use before and after you play - do not assume that the person before you have sanitised the equipment thoroughly

Sanitise gates, padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use

Clubs are required:

Carry out an extensive Risk assessment in line with the Clubs Landlord/Local authority/council/facility owner before play can resume. You can find a Risk assessment template here.

To communicate all guidance to all members, staff, volunteers and committees.

Ensure that all members accept the guidance prior to booking to ensure that all members are adhering to the guidelines for their safety

Ensure that signages on Clubs key messages and guidance are on display for what is expected by members

3. Frequently Asked Questions

When can we reopen?

Indoor bowls clubs are now allowed to open. Each club, including council-owned sports facilities, will make their own decision about when their facilities are ready to open and can be operated safely. You should only reopen or restart activities as soon as you feel able to do so safely. Until you feel it is safe and responsible to reopen you should remain closed.

What games can we play?

All activity should be consistent with the Welsh Government guidance regarding health, social distancing and hygiene. That means that participants and others can maintain a safe two metre distance, that good hygiene practices are in place, that equipment is disinfected regularly, and that anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

What about competitions within our club?

Any measures clubs can put in place to enable an activity to return needs to be capable of being adapted to follow Welsh Government guidelines on social distancing e.g. strengthening or relaxing measures at short notice. Organisations are encouraged to think creatively about how best to make their sport or activity possible within the guidelines.

The limit on gatherings for organised sport of a maximum of 30 people, There is a primary focus of bowling activity at this time for physical and mental well-being. All clubs must ensure that the current Welsh Government regulations and social distancing measures are followed at all times.

Can clinically vulnerable people (such as people aged 70 and over) participate in indoor bowls?

Those who are shielding can continue to leave home to exercise or meet outside with people from another household.

You should strictly follow physical distancing (2 metres or 3 steps away from another person) and you should practice good hygiene using a hand sanitiser and avoiding touching things touched by others.

Full details at:

What if I appear to show virus symptoms following playing?

Should anyone who attended the club subsequently discover they have any virus symptoms they should immediately inform the club secretary. The designated officer for Track and Trace should be informed and ensure that the correct process of Welsh Government Test, Trace , Protect guidance is followed, link here -

Can we open the club bar and kitchen?

Yes- Bars and restaurants, including any food or drink facilities inside a clubhouse can reopen providing the Government guidance is followed at all times. You may only use the bar and restaurant facility with people of your own household or extended household. Please find more information here

Can we use the club toilets?

Yes - toilets and throughways may be kept open, but guidance on hygiene should be followed, with a one in one out approach.

Can we use the changing rooms?

No - only the use of toilets is permitted. Players must ensure to be changed and ready to play.

Can we share equipment?

Where possible we recommend that you do not share equipment, for example you should use your own bowls. mats and jack should only be handled by one player. It is a decision for clubs/facility managers whether they loan/hire out bowls. If you do, we expect you to follow sensible precautions and clean in between users, as well as the safely working guidance.

How can we book a rink without visiting the club?

Clubs are encouraged to utilise an off-site booking system for rink allocation - this could be offline (e.g. diary managed by allocated club members) or online (e.g. Google Calendar).

How do we ensure that the mats and jacks are clean?

Guidance currently states that cleaning protocols should be put in place to limit coronavirus transmission in public places. It is advised that touch points (e.g. handrails and gates) should be particular areas of focus for increased cleaning. Frequent cleaning of equipment between uses and any work areas used, using your usual cleaning products, is advised.

Can we allocate someone to 'manage' sessions/attendance in addition to those who are playing?

Yes - clubs may consider the use of 'staff' if they consider this will enable them to reopen safely as part of their risk assessment.

Has BowlsWales produced a poster that we can put up at our club?

Yes - A COVID-19 Safety Information Poster for Clubs for Indoor Bowls has been designed. To download the poster, visit:

Risk Assessment

Please find the link to an example template - In addition, other risk assessment templates can be found online.

4. Additional Information

Further guidance is available as below:

Sport Wales

Welsh Government

Press release:

Guidance published at and

Published at and in English also at until Welsh translation arrives.


Thank you

BowlsWales wishes to thank clubs and partners for their help.

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