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7th August 2020

Good morning everyone,

Hope that you are all well and coping though these strange times, thought I’d just give you an update on where the club is at the moment. As you will remember at the beginning of the lock-down we closed the club down and sold off all of the perishable stock that we had, a big thanks to all that helped in that process, that returned an amount of cash back into the club that would of gone to waste, coupled with the £20 token membership helped the bank balance so the clubhouse overheads were covered whilst there was no income from normal bar sales. Recently the club has had some good fortune and been able to apply for a support grant, with this we were successful which means we can look forward feeling a little more secure financially. The groundsmen have been continuing to work on the green throughout the lock-down (again thanks for your efforts), but have struggled to keep the green at a standard that we’ve seen of previous years, personally very disappointing for them. This week the greens committee met and have decided to enlist the help of a professional greenkeeper who we have used in the past for specialist treatments to the green. He will be coming on a regular basis over the next three years with a programme to improve the playing surface, whilst you might think this is extravagant, the real cost is little more than the one off treatments that have been done in the past. However this year we do need to start the work on the green early, and the green will have to close 31st August unfortunate for the ones that are playing but we have to make a start as soon as we can to allow new grass seed to mature before the autumn.

Again thanks to all who have worked for the club’s benefit behind the scenes over the past months.

All the best & keep safe,


27th July 2020

And the last one for now, a thank you from Carol Morgan. And a thank you from me personally to all those at Llanidloes Bowling Club are putting in the extra work that has allowed the club to at least partially open and for us to be able to go up and practice during these challenging times. Your efforts are appreciated by us all
Take care for now,

Big thank you to everyone for your support - especially these lovely ladies!


This is one is about some online workshops that are starting for those who are interested

Hi !

Can you please pass onto clubs.


Free online workshops for clubs

Club Solutions is excited to reveal that the new club workshops are moving online! These short training sessions will seek to improve your knowledge, build your skills and ultimately help you to develop your club.

The two-hour workshops will give you useful advice and the opportunity to connect and learn from likeminded people from different clubs all over Wales. The four workshops available are:

How to build a volunteer family at your sports club
How to keep your members happy
How to get your club into shape
How to manage your club’s money

Workshops will be run on dates throughout July and August, so if you’re interested in attending, you can find out more and sign-up here.

Gweithdai ar-lein am ddim i glybiau

Mae Atebion Clwb yn gyffrous i ddatgelu bod y gweithdai clwb newydd yn symud ar-lein! Bydd y sesiynau hyfforddi byr yma’n ceisio gwella eich gwybodaeth, meithrin eich sgiliau ac, yn y pen draw, eich helpu i ddatblygu eich clwb.

Bydd y gweithdai dwyawr yma’n rhoi cyngor defnyddiol a chyfle i chi gysylltu a dysgu oddi wrth bobl debyg o wahanol glybiau ar hyd a lled Cymru. Dyma’r pedwar gweithdy sydd ar gael:

Sut i greu teulu gwirfoddol yn eich clwb
Sut i gadw eich aelodau yn hapus
Sut i gael eich clwb mewn siâp
Sut i reoli arian eich clwb

Bydd y gweithdai’n cael eu cynnal ar ddyddiadau drwy gydol misoedd Gorffennaf ac Awst felly, os oes gennych chi ddiddordeb mewn mynychu, gallwch gael mwy o wybodaeth a chofrestru yma.

Apply for the Be Active Wales Fund

It’s a challenging time for sport in Wales at the moment, and clubs are having to overcome barriers they’ve never had to face before COVID-19.

The Be Active Wales Fund has been launched to provide clubs and organisation with funding to ensure they survive the pandemic, or to help prepare activity to restart safely according to the guidelines.

If you’re looking to apply and need some additional support with the application form, this step by step guide is available to help you.
Gwneud cais i Gronfa Cymru Actif

Mae’n gyfnod heriol i chwaraeon yng Nghymru ar hyn o bryd ac mae clybiau’n gorfod goresgyn rhwystrau nad ydynt wedi gorfod eu hwynebu erioed cyn COVID-19.

Mae Cronfa Cymru Actif wedi cael ei lansio i ddarparu cyllid i glybiau a sefydliadau i sicrhau eu bod yn goroesi’r pandemig, neu i helpu i baratoi gweithgarwch i ailddechrau’n ddiogel yn unol â’r canllawiau.

Os ydych chi eisiau gwneud cais ac angen cefnogaeth ychwanegol gyda’r ffurflen gais, mae’r canllaw cam wrth gam yma ar gael i’ch helpu chi.

Dear All
As mentioned yesterday, I attended a webinar on the Be Active Fund. Please find attached the PowerPoint Presentation and the process document. I have asked that on all media documents that NGBs are mentioned as part of the process to help and they have done it which is great.
We also received the email below which is a suggestion by Bowls Wales, so will keep you posted on that.
As explained yesterday, the application form is a little bit tricky to find on sport wales website, but you need to scroll down right to the bottom.
Applications are being received already for both
Sent from Mail for Windows 10
From: Sophie Hancocks
Sent: 14 July 2020 16:50
To: 'Trevor Clarke'; David Phillips;; Hazel Wilson; Terry Hopkins; John Phillips (; Tricia Best; Wyn Jones
Cc: Claire Joll
Subject: Be Active Wales Fund
Hi all,
Thank you for the meeting today and hopefully found this useful to understand the Be Actie Wales Fund. Please see attached the presentation.
We are thinking about holding the following club sessions, are you all in agreeance with this idea? If we are happy with this idea to arrange a zoom call for Club members for an information session where we would all be in attendance. We would be happy to do this as a collective, however, if you think it would be more beneficial for the zoom call to be done per Associations we could look at that also. We could look at providing details on this fund and look at producing an FAQ/information page that we could all publish on our website to ensure clubs understand the fund and how to apply.
Also, as mentioned in the meeting please see the process details attached that will be included in our newsletter this week regarding the process of communication for clubs to apply/find out information.
Thanks again for the meeting and any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sophie Hancocks
General Manager

Morning all,
I have a few e mails to send out to you.
Just checking you're all ok and coping well under the circumstances.
If there's any thing you need to confirm in any of the e mails please ask and I'll do my best to help.
I hope you've all had a look at the funding and grants available and I know some clubs have been successful with their applications for financial aid, it's worth applying, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.
I know most clubs are open now and all guidelines should be in place, again anything you're concerned about just read the guidelines or feel free to ask.
That's all for now
Take care and hopefully we'll be allowed to meet up when safe to do so.

Sue xx

From: Sophie Hancocks
Sent: 24 July 2020 15:19
To:; David Phillips; Hazel Wilson; John Phillips; Pauline Lindley; Terry Hopkins; Tricia Best; Wyn Jones
Cc: Claire Joll; Ken Burton
Subject: Newsletter
Good afternoon all,
Please see this weeks newsletter link below. Please could you share this with your clubs and members.
Additionally, within the newsletter there is a section regarding the COVID-19 Club Checklist and COVID-19 specific club training. WSA are offering this training and BowlsWales will accrue the cost of the training for the first 50 clubs that register their interest from the link below. We are encouraging that it is one person per club and preferably the designated COVID-19 Club Officer. Also, the free offer for the first 50 club’s is providing they have completed the COVID-19 Club Checklist. Therefore if you could also advertise clubs to complete the checklist. If you could share the training link as well to your clubs to promote. This link will also be available on our website and within the newsletter. We also we will be offering to pay for 1 representative from each NGB to attend the course. Once you have decided who this representative will be, please ensure they complete the registration link.
COVID-19 Club Training Registration
Sophie Hancocks
General Manager

20th July 2020

Good evening everyone,

Just to let you know that the rules regarding the Bowling green have changed slightly with an adjustment to the numbers allowed on the green, this is now 12. Players must still observe social distancing, please book rinks through the website as before. All other regulations remain the same.

All the best,


26th June 2020

Good morning Bowlers,

Well it’s getting closer to being able to open the bowling green, but as you can imagine it is considerably different to last year with the new Covid-19 restrictions. To be able to gauge the willingness of members wanting to play under these conditions would you please read the document below:

(Copy and paste into your browser)

Could you let me know if you would want to play this year with these current restrictions, and bearing in mind your personal circumstances. This is so the club can gauge the level of interest in playing and plan accordingly. We also would be looking for a co-ordinator to take bookings and arrange the club to enable play within these WBA rules if the level of playing interest warrants it.

The situation if fluid so any decision you make can be changed if you wish to do so.

The green will remain CLOSED until the committee have put in place all the safety measures that are required, you will be kept informed as these happen over the next few days.

All the best,


5th June 2020

Hi all
The latest BowlsWales Newsletter, includes some information on the resumption of Bowls in Wales


Stay Home Protect the NHS Save Lives

BowlsWales was obviously disappointed last week by the Welsh Government’s decision not to relax the restriction on playing bowls in Wales. Each administration in the UK is moving separately on lifting restrictions and the Welsh Government told us:

“Bowling greens will need to remain closed in Wales. The Welsh Government has prioritised one main measure when undertaking this three week review of the regulations and our priority has been to enable family and friends to meet.
We are working with Bowls Wales for the safe return of bowls. Our approach to easing lockdown restrictions has been cautious, based on the latest scientific advice, in order to protect lives.”
A restricted form of bowls is currently permitted in England and Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow suit on Monday 8 June.

BowlsWales, in conjunction with the Welsh Sports Association, continues to work hard behind the scenes to make a case for the resumption of bowls to be included by the Welsh Government in its statement due to be made on Friday 19 June.

If restrictions are removed, then it will be up to clubs and individuals to decide if they wish to resume playing again. If so, this will need to be done in conjunction with the existing Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing and specific hygiene rules prepared by the bowls organisations. BowlsWales has prepared a number of guides for clubs and players and these will be published when appropriate.

We will keep you up to date through our website, social media and newsletter.

2nd June 2020

Hi all
Some important information from Welsh Bowls regarding Coronavirus and possible reopening of clubs


Unfortunately Terry H. is having problems with his computer and has requested that i circulate these Documents (Terry's email plus 4 attachments).

A further request is that the County Secretary's circulate them to their Clubs, A.S.A.P.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact Terry,

Thanking you in anticipation,
Take care and remain safe,
John M.

Dear all

We have been working on the attached documents for a number of weeks having been in touch with Bowls Scotland and Bowls England,
we feel that if the clubs want to open then they need to start planning, if not already done so, as soon as possible.

We have been in touch with Bowls Wales to let them know that we feel clubs are expecting guidance from their National Governing Bodies and have asked Bowls Wales to refer clubs to our website.


John i would like to take this opportunity of thanking yourself and Marion as your input has been very much appreciated

Kind Regards
Terry Hopkins


Welsh Bowling Association Welsh Women's Bowling Association

Covid - 19: Supplementary Guidance for Lawn Bowls - Phase 1 PLANNING DOCUMENT & TEMPLATES

The physical and mental wellbeing of our bowls community is of paramount importance.
Both National Governing Bodies want to support those clubs that wish to re-open and members who would like to play, to do so safely and in accordance with our Welsh Government's guidelines.

We are hoping that the Welsh Government will allow us to open clubs soon, and we are waiting confirmation of this from Bowls Wales as to when this will be. In the meantime, and in accordance with our holding statement sent a few weeks ago, please find attached guidance to help with your planning - putting safe systems in place may take some time, so we wanted to give you as much opportunity to plan if you are going to open.

The guidance we have developed below supplements the Government guidance by covering situations specific to the sport of lawn bowls. This guidance is not a 'one size fits all' approach as we appreciate bowling facilities vary across Wales and as such individual bowling clubs should risk assess appropriately to ensure these procedures can be implemented. Please continue to err on the side of caution; clubs should not open unless all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of players and volunteers can be implemented. Players should only play if they feel fit, well, and sure they can adhere to the guidance put in place by their home clubs.

This guidance will be updated if advice changes and we will continue to actively seek the latest advice from the Welsh Government.

This guidance document contains the following sections:

1 Clubs - Summary of recommended action
2 Players - Summary of Recommended Action
3 Frequently Asked Questions
4 Additional Information :- Risk Assessment Template & Rink Booking Template

If you have any questions, please email: or

The Welsh Bowling Association and the Welsh Women's Bowling Association hope you all stay healthy and we all get through these challenging times.

Keep Safe Take Care and look after yourself and when you return to the green and enjoy your bowls.

Thank you to Bowls England and Bowls Scotland for permission to use some of their information.


1 Clubs - Summary of Recommended Actions

The Welsh Bowling Association and the Welsh Women's Bowling Association recommends that all clubs follow the following guidance (the guidance may be adopted if necessary, for your club, so long as it remains consistent with the Welsh Government's advice and social distancing requirements)

Play Arrangements:

o Off-site booking system or rink allocation
o Minimum of 30 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive/depart safely, allowing time in between sessions for members to sanitise all equipment before and after use.
o Clubs to communicate in advance with players to advise on social distancing requirements that are being applied on arrival at the club - for example not leaving cars until a certain time before their allocated time slot.
o Only play on alternative rinks e.g. 1,3,5 OR 2,4,6 (keep an empty rink between rinks that are being played on).
o Maximum of six players on club premises at any one time (assuming average of two people per rink who ARE NOT from the same household). Clubs may wish to increase this number if more than two people from the SAME household are to participate on the same rink.
o No visitors/spectators to be admitted to the club.
o Capping the number of occasions, a player can book a rink each week to ensure that the available capacity is distributed fairly.
o Consider what support your members might need to play (for example those with mobility and disability challenges)

Playing Formats:

The following playing formats are in accordance with the Welsh Government guidelines:

o Individuals playing bowls on their own on a single rink
o Two individuals from TWO different households playing on a single rink (no marker)
o Members of the SAME household on a single rink (no marker unless from SAME household)

Social distancing rule must be STRICTLY ADHERED TO - you must remain at least TWO meters apart from other bowlers (who are NOT part of your household) at all times

Clubhouse and Facilities:

o Until further notice, all club houses must be closed
o Limit essential access (for example to use toilets and hand washing facilities) may be allowed by the club
o Sanitisers must be available for cleaning hands and equipment before and after playing
o No rubbish bins - players must take their rubbish away with them

Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to you must remain at least 2 meters apart from other bowlers (who are not part of your household) at all times


To minimise the risk of infections, only essential items (such as below) should be utilised during any session.

o Mats
o Bowls
o Jacks
o Rink Markers
o Gloves
o Scorecards (these should be retained by one person only if required)
o Bowling Arm / lifter (for use by one person if required)
o To minimise the risk of infection, any other equipment is not deemed essential equipment at this time and should not be utilised: this includes
o Scoreboards
o Bowls Pushers
o Ditch Markers
o 2-meter distance sticks
o Chalk

Good Practice:

A check list should be produced to ensure that all the procedures are in place every day

Clubs should organise a system for booking and allocation of rink times, that ensures the safety of the players

A register made up informing the club of the people who attended on a daily basis and the times they logged in and out, this could assist track and trace procedures if required.

2 Players - Summary of Recommended Action

The Welsh Bowling Association and the Welsh Women's Bowling Association recommends that all players follow the guidance below (the guidance may be adapted if necessary, to meet individual needs, so long as they remain consistent with Government advice and social distancing requirements):

In Advance:
o Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or a high temperature. Use the NHS 111 website or helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups
o Dress appropriately before you get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes - change shoes immediately before and after your game
o Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household only - do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household. Do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your allocated booking time
o Players should go through the clubs booking Players should check if the club is open for play. Please be patient and understanding if the club cannot open the green o system and not just turn up to the green to play

Personal Care:
o Players must bring their own hand sanitiser and use this throughout play
o Avoid using toilets at the club wherever possible and clean anything you have touched after use
o Take any food or drink you might need with you
o Wash or sanitise your hands and sanitise any equipment (including bowls, jacks, and mats) you use before and after you play - do not assume that the person before you have sanitised the equipment thoroughly
o Sanitise padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use

Playing the Game:
o You should only play with people from your own household or by yourself or, as long as you stay two metres apart, with one other person from outside your household. Groups of more than two people must all be from the same household. This means you cannot have two or three people from one household plus one person from outside the household playing together
o Do not shake hands before, during or after a game
o Do not 'high-five' OR 'hug' other players to celebrate shots or a win
o Only one player should handle the mat during the session
o Two jacks (one at each end) should be used and this should be set by one player only throughout the session
o If scoring, social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to at all times
o Do not touch your opponents' bowls with your hands
o Avoid measuring for shot/s

When you Leave:
o When you finish playing, change your shoes and leave the club immediately - ensuring that you have sanitised all equipment used and that the club is secure (as applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions
When can we reopen?
Once the Welsh Assembly Government have given us permission each club, including council-owned sports facilities, will make their own decision about when their facilities are ready to open and can be operated safely. You should only reopen or restart activities as soon as you feel able to do so safely. Until you feel it is safe and responsible to reopen you should remain closed.

What games can we play?
All activity should be consistent with the government guidance regarding health, social distancing, and hygiene. That means that participants and others can maintain a safe two metre distance, that good hygiene practices are in place, that equipment is disinfected regularly, and that it is clear that anyone who is symptomatic or suspects they have been exposed to the virus does not take part and remains at home.

What about competitions within our club?
Any measures clubs can put in place to enable an activity to return needs to be capable of being adapted to follow government guidelines on social distancing e.g. strengthening or relaxing measures at short notice. Organisations are encouraged to think creatively about how best to make their sport or activity possible within the guidelines. The limit on gatherings - no more than two, unless members of the same household - means that it is unlikely to be possible to organise amateur events or competitions at this time. The primary purpose of bowling activity at this time is for physical and mental well-being.

How often should mats and jacks be cleaned?
Disinfectant spray must be made available by the club. Players must use the disinfectant spray after each game to cleanse all mats and jacks (ensure these are completely dry of disinfectant before use on the green again) Mats and jacks should be cleaned at the end of the day and before the start of sessions the following morning.

What is the implication if we open, will our insurance cover us, even though we know the virus is still in society?
Clubs should check with their insurance company that the correct and full cover is in place before any play can take place

Are the WBA and WWBA recommending people go back to Bowls?
The WBA and WWBA are not forcing any of our clubs to re-open or any of our members to play bowls. If your club has the correct safety procedures in place and follows the information detailed in the Guidance document and as an individual you feel safe and have a desire to return to the bowling green, you can do so.

Can we open our bar if we deliver drinks to the green?
No. All clubhouses should remain closed, and as a result clubs cannot provide any drinks. Players should not bring or consume alcohol before, during or after play at the club.

How do we monitor player compliance at the green?
Clubs should consider providing a club member to oversee sessions. This could be one member per time slot, or clubs could have a member covering several slots. (One person per time slot)

What is the recommended gap between sessions to allow a safe change over?
Clubs should allocate a minimum of 30 minutes between booking rink times to minimise the number of players arriving and leaving at any one time and this will allow for any shared equipment to be sanitised.

Are there any age or health restrictions for getting on the green?
If a player/s are at a higher risk and have health issues (Those aged over 70 and/or those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems) they should remain at home until the Welsh Government guidelines change.

Full Details:-

How do we hold a committee meeting to discuss problems?
Club meetings should be held through video conferencing and not to be held face to face.

Should benches and bins still be used around the green?
Benches, ashtrays, and bins should be removed, covered or sign-posted in such a way that members do not touch or use them.

How do players clean hands prior to play if access to clubhouse is not permitted?
Players must bring their own sanitiser and use this throughout play

How do we ensure there is first aid cover at the club?
Cubs will require to conduct a risk assessment and inform all those who wish to play that there will be limited or no first aid available.

I do not want to bowl this season due to the virus, can the club force me to pay membership?
Health and Safety is top priority and there is no urgency to return to the green. However, all clubs will require funds to continue to stay open, therefore we would ask that you speak with your club directly about this.

How do clubs contact members about playing, including those who do not have online access and organise playing time?
Clubs should use the appropriate method of communication for their members, whether this is via social media, Club website, email or by phoning members.

Can I receive coaching?
One on one coaching is permitted if outside and remaining a minimum of 2 metres apart.

Can we open the club bar and kitchen?
No - Bars and restaurants, including any food or drink facilities inside a clubhouse must remain closed until further notice. Take-away services can be offered, but any hot or cold food must be consumed off the premises, outside of the building.

Can we use the club toilets?
Yes - toilets and throughways may be kept open, but guidance on hygiene should be followed.

Can we use the changing rooms?
No - all indoor facilities, apart from toilets and through-ways should be kept closed.

Can we share equipment?
Where possible we recommend that you limit sharing of equipment, for example you should use your own bowls. If you are sharing equipment (mats/jacks) you should wash your hands thoroughly before and after use. It is a decision for clubs/facility managers whether or not they loan/hire out bowls. If you do, we expect you to follow sensible precautions and clean in between users, as well as the safely working guidance.

The above guidance has been produced to allow practice play, either individually or with people within your household, to commence on the outdoors lawn bowling greens of Wales.
All players and clubs have a responsibility to take care of themselves and their members.

Additional Information can be found at, -return-of-sport-and-recreation


Daily Rink Booking Form          




Rink 1

Rink 2

Rink 3

Rink 4

Rink 5

Rink 6















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















15 Mins for players leaving the green to sanitise and leave then 15 mins for players arriving to sanitise and start.















All equipment to be cleaned and sanitised before securing club, including handles, locks, gates etc.


Protect yourselves and your families, stay safe.


19th April 2020

Sad , Sad news

I have this morning received the sad news that Mrs Olive Jones , member of Builth Wells BC and past Mid Wales County player has passed away. The family have asked me to pass the news onto you and your clubs.

I'm sure we all pass our condolences on to Olives family at this sad time.

Hope you're all keeping safe and well , washing hands and staying home where you can.

Best Wishes

Sue xx

14th April 2020

Good afternoon Llani Bowlers,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the fine weather, seems cruel that now the w
eather has improved from the poor weather that we seemed to have had since November that we are in lock-down with this virus. It will be a small price to pay for us all to come out okay when the restrictions are lifted. The start of the bowling season is now postponed and to that effect the committee have issued a statement regarding the club & immediate future:

“Next weekend was due to be opening day, but this obviously has been cancelled due to the ongoing situation with coronavirus.
For that reason the green will remain CLOSED until it is deemed safe to open by the committee, after taking advice from government and Wales Bowls. Being closed will mean that there is no access to the green except for maintenance purposes.
Club finances, the club raises the money to run with two thirds coming from bar and function profits and one third from membership. In the short to medium term there will be no income from the bar and functions, so the only way the club is able to raise money to support the club overheads is through the membership route. We have cut back on all but necessary expenditure but still are concerned that the club will be lacking in money to be able to exist. We are asking the membership of £20 per playing member to be due by the end of April to support the club at this difficult time. Should restrictions be lifted during some part of the season membership fees will be worked out on a “pro-rata” basis of the normal membership fee and playing time left of the season taking into account the part membership already payed.
The committee may have to ask the membership for additional contributions in the future should the current situation become extended.
There has been talk of grants and loans being available from sports organisations and alike, which we are currently looking into, but feel that we cannot bank on these for immediate help.”

The situation is serious both for club members and for the ongoing future of the club. We must ensure that we all stay safe and observe the restrictions imposed.

All the best, & stay safe

29th March 2020

Hi all

For those of you who are getting bored of watching the TV and missing all things bowls, the latest edition of the Welsh Bowler Magazine is out.


And the latest BowlsWales newsletter

Hi all,

Hope everyone is keeping well and is safe.

Please see Bowls Wales Friday Newsletter with some interesting news around our new social media campaign. Please could you share with your members and clubs. It would be brilliant to get as many people involved in the social media campaign so would appreciate if we can spread the word amongst friends and family, so please keep an eye on our social media pages.


Hello all,

Health matters obviously predominate: here is the latest update from Public Health Wales:


But before we go…

Here at BowlsWales we would love to see and share lots of bowls activities you can do both in your garden and in your home. We want as many people to get involved as possible, so please share your videos and tag @BowlsWales and #RollupBowlup
We are encouraging clubs and individuals to tag other members/clubs to get involved. Are you up for the challenge?!

Alternatively you can send videos direct to us. We’ll post them on our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook, so please send them to us at

The best video each week will win a bag of BowlsWales goodies.

We’ll be back next week.

Take care,
The BowlsWales team

The Bowls Wales office is closed at present, and so our telephone number – 029 2033 4998 – is unavailable. But you can contact us on the following:

Alun Jones – Chair

Sophie Hancocks – General Manager

Claire Joll – Development Manager

DISCLAIMER – All the information above is the latest we have available and is subject to change as circumstances dictate


Sophie Hancocks
General Manager

26th March 2020

Good afternoon Bowlers,
In response to the letter that was distributed yesterday, please be assured that we are monitoring the situation both from a Government and Welsh bowling level and as soon as we have a clear instruction we will let you all know.
We know from the actions the government has taken with licenced premises, the club house and bar facilities will be closed for the foreseeable future, and as a result we took the action to sell off all of the bar stock last weekend (thanks to all who took up the offer) releasing the money that was tied up in the stock that can now be used in other areas to support club, since the main income for the running of the club comes from bar takings.
The green and surrounding grounds, having spoken to Pip yesterday, all be it briefly, his intention is to cut and maintain the green in his “break time” from driving, of course is must be said that anything that he does must not put himself at risk either from infection or the authorities. He will ask for assistance if he needs it.
We have had various request regarding the use of the green when the season would have technically been open, this will be discussed with the committee and a view taken given the government advise/ruling at that time, until then the green will CLOSED , the committee will keep you all informed if this situation changes.
We now know how serious this all is, when it was in China it was a far away, it focuses the mind when it’s now in Wales. What must be the overriding factor is the safety of our families and fellow members as a number of them do not enjoy the best of health. I’m sure that I speak for the membership of the club that if anybody is able to help another member please just ask and we’ll try to help.
All the best, and stay safe

25th March 2020

Hi all

John Townsend has asked me to share this with everyone regarding how best to manage the club during these difficult times.


Subject: bowling club shutdown

Open letter to our President.

Nigel, a lot of e-mails have been flying around lately, so these are my
thoughts on how the crisis might affect us and what we do about it:-

Yes, we do need a budget produced as soon as possible,(to my mind we
should have one at every AGM) and yes, subscriptions may be neccessary -
we spent a lot of money on the green last year and expenditure may be
high this year, so we need an estimate of green costs as a priority.

But we also need to consider the wider picture, for instance -

The maintenance of the greens and surrounds must continue. Under the
current restrictions we have problems to resolve. Some members of the
Greens Committee can walk to the green presumably as "exercise" and tend
the green under the same pretext.If the restrictions become more
draconion and we get lockdown, will this constitute "work", will our
members be allowed to do it? What about those who have to drive to get
there? We will probably need a rota to prove that there will only be one
person working at any one time and others must stay away. What do we do
with the cuttings - will we need a skip?

We cannot forsee all the problems which might arise but it is imperative
that we respond quickly.

I, therefore, propose that an Emergency Committee be set up to have
total control of the situation as it develops, comprising of Yourself,
Secretary and Treasurer. You will also need input from someone on the
Greens Committee. I would propose that Pip be asked to step up to join
you and take on his previous role as Vice President. As a matter of
urgency you could converse electronically amongst yourselves, thus
excluding members of the Management Committee from protracted
negotiations. A profusion of e-mails on a particular subject can be
confusing and solves nothing. Suggestions and ideas from members should
be encouraged but directed to you personally so that you can evaluate
them for later action.

I realise that this a big responsibility and may even be unpopular, but
the unusual scenario we find ourselves in requires a radical solution.

Stay well. John Townsend.

22nd March 2020

Good morning everyone,

Strange and worrying times. As you have probably gathered the chances of a bowling season this year are not good with all competitions cancelled or postponed. As a club we are monitoring the situation closely and taking guidance from the relevant authorities as to what we should do as a club.
One thing for sure is that the clubhouse will not be able to be used (bar) for the foreseeable future, this is where I’m asking for your help. The bar stock. Through the closed season the club hosts regular event so the bar is kept stocked (to a lower level than through the season) but I do have stock to get sell off. I’ll sell it on a first come first serve basis, at a reduced price and deliver it to you (minimum of a case per delivery). Listed below is what’s availab
le. Payment, cheques to be made out to Llanidloes Bowling Club.

All prices are on the e-mail sent to you

Please contact me if you would like anything by email.

All the best, and stay safe,


20th March 2020

Ladies......below is a statement sent out by Christine regarding the Tuesday Evening League/Wednesday Afternoon League and Elaine Whitehurst Cup. The letter at the bottom is the same one I sent out yesterday so you should all have it. If not let me know



Good morning

In light of the current Government Guideline in relation to the Coronavirus and taking into account the Health and Safety of our Montgomery Ladies I feel it would be prudent to cancel all competitions, namely the Tuesday Evening League, Wednesday Afternoon and Elaine Whitehurst Cup.

I know a few Clubs have already taken the steps to not play.

I have attached a copy of the Welsh Woments Bowling Assocation letter which has been issued.

It has not been a easy decision for anyone to take but our health comes first.

Stay safe Ladies and keep in touch.


20th March 2020

Hi all

A letter from the County Secretary


Ladies & Gentlemen
I appreciate we are living in uncertain times and no one more than me would underestimate the challenges we face ahead.
However I think we should take things one step at a time perhaps we should take a step back and see how things develop.
I'm not criticising Clubs for the decisions they they have taken but perhaps those decisions could be reversed in the forthcoming months to enable members to enjoy the game we all love , I've taken steps to rearrange the 3 Counties fixture sometime in September.
The W BA is closely monitoring the situation as it develops as I feel so should we.
The WBA website is now being managed by Peter Williams and is bang up to date it will keep you informed of up to date with the latest developments, the website address is the Welsh Bowling Association.
Kind regards,

19th March 2020

Hi all

Please find attached a letter from the Welsh Women's Bowling Association regarding the Coronavirus


19th March 2020

Dear Members and other Stakeholders,

After discussions with members of the WWBA Executive Committee and due to the unprecedented circumstances, we are all currently facing, we have regrettably taken the decision to cancel all WWBA Events and Competitions until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a regular basis and make the necessary decisions and policies, in line with Government Guide Lines, information available, and policies concerning the Coronavirus.

We will keep in contact through our Welsh Women's Bowling Association Facebook page and through email via County Secretaries. Please use either of these methods to keep in touch with us and each other, some clubs have set up WhatsApp groups. There is also our joint website with the WBA

Counties and individual clubs should make their own decision as to whether to open or partly open whilst following government guidelines.

If you have any questions whatsoever or need any help or advice, please be in touch. In the mean time we will be looking at plans and working with other NGBs, to support welsh bowls going forward.

This was a very difficult decision to take, but everyone's wellbeing and health is our priority and therefore please take care and following government guidelines.

Hazel Wilson
Hon Secretary
Welsh Women's Bowling Association

16th March 2020

Hi all

Been asked to forward this regarding the ongoing Coronavirus issues. Also I've set up a new Contact Group to send Emails to everyone at once (before this I was manually adding everyone one by one and it took ages ??), so if a couple of you could reply to this to let me know you received this Email and that's its working then that would be greatly appreciated ??

Stay safe everyone


Dear All

I have put the following on Social Media. Please could you send to your clubs.

Coronavirus: Please follow government guidelines and take care.

We are taking guidance from World Bowls regarding up and coming events in respect of World Bowls and The British Isles Women’s Bowling Committee in respect of internationals.

With regards to WWBA Patrons Day and competitions, we are monitoring the situation and will be taking action to postpone or cancel if necessary.

We will keep you posted

Take Care

Please email if any queries

"Statement from World Bowls Ltd and International Indoor Bowls Council

13th March 2020

Dear Member Authority,

World Bowls Indoor Championships, Bristol, England scheduled for April 2020

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) escalating globally over the last several weeks and even days, World Bowls Ltd and International Indoor Bowls Council, in conjunction with the host National Authority, English Indoor Bowls Association, have held meetings over the last 36 hours regarding the World Bowls Indoor Championships scheduled to be held in Bristol, England in April.

Due to numerous Countries placing restrictions on travel for their nationals and the fact that the United Kingdom Government have now moved to implement the 'delay' phase in relation to COVID-19 further to the 'Containment' phase, we wish to advise you that regretfully we will be postponing the event with immediate effect.

World Bowls Ltd and IIBC will continue to follow the guidance and directives of the Government and Public Health England before announcing whether the event is proposed to be re-scheduled in 2020.

In reaching this decision we are fully aware that athletes, officials and others may have made travel arrangements for this event, but our overriding concern must be for the health and welfare of the athletes, volunteers, administrators and spectators who would be involved.

The demographics of the sport and the potential unknown underlying health issues of athletes, volunteers, officials, administrators and spectators were also key factors in reaching this decision.

We are sure your athletes will be disappointed but trust that under the current circumstances it is appreciated by all concerned that this difficult decision has been made in the best interests of all parties."

Gary Smith David Phillips
Chief Executive Secretary
World Bowls Ltd International Indoor Bowls Council

15th March 2020

Dear Fellow Bowlers,

I can now confirm to you that provisional, final arrangements have been made for this years tour and at the moment it is the intention to proceed.

I am mindful of the present position as regards the virus and it’s affect on health and sport. I can assure that all advice will be followed and if it becomes necessary to cancel the tour, that decision will be made.

At the moment I feel it is too early to make that decision.

I think we need to wait and see how the situation develops.

We are still wailing advice from the Welsh Bowling Association on how to proceed this season. This will be communicated to you as soon as this information is available. ,

If I can reiterate my previous comments- if the club feels it is unadvisedly to go on tour, then we will cancel and all the monies paid will be refunded.

I hope you are all happy with this line.

If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Ps. Second payments please are now needed.

9th March 2020

Hi Bowls people
Another course that's taking place soon, so for those of you wanting to know a bit more about the intricacies of marking, or when not to kick bowls out of the head and give away shots like I did in the league last year etc etc........then take a look.

Markers Course

This marking course is a Nationally Recognised Qualification and by passing it together with a marking assessment will entitle the candidate to associate membership of the WBUA.
For a place on the course contact your Umpire Co-ordinator.

Eddie Williams Telephone 01597823526 / Mobile 07966820642 /E-Mail

Course cost is £10

Please make cheque payable to WBUA

27th February 2020

Hello everyone
Some information on upcoming courses next month


Safeguarding and Child Protection – Wednesday 18th March 6-9pm at The Elephant & Castle, Newtown

First Aid – Thursdays 26th March & 2nd April at The Elephant & Castle, Newtown

For morre details email Sports Powys or Call Sports Powys on 07768632404

5th February 2020

Good evening everyone,

Rachel has asked me to circulate the following email:

Hello all,

I recently met up with Jean Lumb, who bowls for Carno. She was talking about their short mat league. I thought I may be quite nice to have a social evening with the Carno bowlers and try short mat.

Jean has come back to me and Carno would be delighted for us to join them. The date they have suggested is Thursday 12th March at 7.15 pm. There is no minimum number of players who can join them, but they are limited to a maximum of 12. Carno will provide refreshments.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

Many thanks

Mobile: 07904223262

5th February 2020

Hi Bowls people
Been asked to send this to all club members


The WBA and WWBA are this year organising an inaugural open 4 wood open singles tournament, this tournament is open to all male and female bowlers who are members of affiliated bowls clubs.
The early rounds up to the quarterfinals will be played on a regional basis with the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals being played at Llandrindod Wells during the National Finals.
This is a fantastic opportunity for Wales best male and female bowlers to compete against each other to become Wales supreme champion.
The winner and runner up will receive a commemorative trophy.
Please could you circulate this information and entry form to all your member clubs.
John Phillips Hazel Wilson
WBA Assistant Secretary. WWBA Secretary.

Return to John Phillips, 126 Gorseinon Road, Penllergaer, Swansea, SA4 9AA.

26th January 2020

Good evening everyone,

This email is for the ladies in the club, May has asked me to circulate the following:


I now have the dates of the above competitions and the forms. Entries have to be in by the end of February. It has been suggested that I hold a meeting up the club this Thursday the 30th January at 7.00p.m. This allows both old and new members to come along and discuss what is involved and put their names forward if they are interested.
Thank you.
May Lewis


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